MPW offers a team of advertising, marketing and PR pros for less than the cost of a marketing manager.

Welcome to your self-sufficient marketing department, spearheading your customized strategy seven days a week.

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Would outsourcing labor-intensive public relations and digital marketing free you up to fully engage in growing your business?

NJ Small Business Marketing

We learn your New Jersey enterprise inside and out, create strategies to achieve your business goals and deliver new business.

Get ready–we’re about to unleash top-tier marketing, social media, public relations, and advertising–all in the name of your brand.

Whether your customers are around the block or around the world, MPW’s small business marketing strategies will discover, convert and keep them coming back.

Unleash your company’s unique brand identity and push clear, laser-targeted messages out to your target market, using language they understand and, most importantly, trust.

  • Leverage Raving Fans to build your business
  • Highlight all of the unique assets only your brand offers.
  • Is it time to add/replace services or products?
  • Train employees to understand they, too, are marketers for your brand

Our marketing team honed their skills by working 20+years working in New York and New Jersey technology, B2B, corporate retail, real estate and healthcare.

Now it’s your turn.

NJ Healthcare Marketing

Representing New Jersey physicians, chiropractors, hospitals and senior living communities since 2008, our team capitalizes on untapped and underutilized promotional opportunities in our health and wellness marketplace.

...and you are also a brand. You probably didn't go to business school or get a marketing degree. (We didn't go to medical school). Furthermore, you don’t have time to oversee the day-to-day medical practice marketing efforts required to expand your business. 

MPW will quickly boost your visibility across all facets of the internet and your physical community by using these assets:

  • Your patient fan base 
  • A curated Twitter following of doctors will refer patients to you and healthcare journalists who can easily contact you for interviews.
  • Publishing day-to-day updates about your practice and how you help patients. Here’s how we’ll manage content for you.

Click here to read MPW CEO Stephanie Duncan’s “The Power of Content for Your Medical Practice!”

Play Video
Play Video

Social Media

It’s time for your brand to be front-and-center in the face of your target customers, not the competition.

This isn’t a role that your receptionist can (or should) be charged with.

It takes calibration, technical know-how and an understanding of the social media marketplace (who will fry you in front of the whole class if you don’t ‘play the game by the rules…’)

No one has time to look at images on social.

Right now, you need video to reach potential patients, clients, customers.

Instead of a sad, single image looking back at you on a social ad, why not fill that box with a quick informative video where the viewer’s only task is to watch?


Fact: Your future customer is going to your website.  

The single most important product in your marketing strategy arsenal is your brand’s website.

Universally, potential clients are surveying your website before they commit to buy, come in, order, make an appointment.

Websites need to speak specifically to the people viewing them. Is your target market B2B, professionals, families, patients seeking medical careparents or luxury consumers?

If you are seeking customers in a specific geographic area–say you’re a family practice doctor in Toms River, New Jersey–your geo-targeted website keywords need to reach people who live in this region of the state.

MPW specializes in three key areas of small business and medical practice website marketing:

  • Continually adding fresh, customized content to attract viewers looking for your services–and keep them coming back.
  • Installing SEO (search engine optimized) words to attract high quality viewers.
  • Building a database of potential customers through social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook who find value in your business and want to stay connected.
New Jersey marketing communications company
New Jersey marketing communications company

Public Relations

PR is much more than just seeing your name in print. In today’s media-saturated world, successful PR isn’t just “getting your name out there.”

Your message needs to speak to customers (or patients) in a language that allows them to understand and connect with you.

Business strategies for building and promoting fruitful PR campaigns are changing dramatically as traditional media (print and TV) is pushed aside by the Internet influencers, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Right now is the time to update, refresh or launch your firm’s public messaging that will attract “new media” and get your name in the news.

The interests of today's journalists are more narrow than ever before.

We know how to approach the right local, regional and national reporters and journalists to persuade them to tell your unique story.

Ideally, a local story placed on, for example, can quickly attract the attention of larger national television and globally-distributed news sites, like the Washington Post. 

That's advertising you can't buy; it is also evergreen (live on the internet for months or, more commonly, years).

Here’s a little free PR expertise:

Every business has a small and elite group of customer ‘fans’ who love and adore everything you do and say. They are your brand ambassadors and they tout your merits for free.

We’ll can help them share their support of you by connecting them with the media to tell your “story” for you.

It takes some training  and skill to do this successfully but it is incredibly successful.

What clients are saying

MPW helps New Jersey enterprises discover and retain new customers –whether your customer is across the street or across the globe.

Our motivated and seasoned team will drive new clients — the right clients — to your business who don’t know who you are right now. Rest assured, we’ll work aggressively to impress you, whether you’ve been with us for six days or six years.

Sooner than you may expect, your MPW team will know your business almost as well as you do!

Founded in 2008, our advertising & public relations experts provide personalized services to small business, healthcare and technology firms.

Stephanie Duncan, president, established the company after working for 20 years in senior marketing and public relations management roles in Boston, New York and New Jersey. She assembled a team of seasoned and up-and-coming dynamos who are passionate, positive and inspired by helping enterprises achieve and surpass their business goals.

New Jersey marketing communications company

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Ready to add an affordable, full-service marketing department to your business? 

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