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Would outsourcing your marketing, advertising and public relations departments free-up your time and energy to get back to running your business?

Even better, what if top-tier quality services were available at a cost you could manage?

MPW will be your self-sufficient right arm, spearheading your business’s daily marketing, social media, public relations and advertising needs–without the added headcount, office equipment expenses or HR headaches.

Our motivated and seasoned team will drive new clients — the right clients — to your business who may not know about your product or services.

Until now.

We specialize in serving New Jersey enterprises–whether your customer is across the street or across the globe.

Rest assured, we’ll work aggressively to impress you, whether you’ve been with us for six days or six years.

Sooner than you may expect, your MPW team will know your business almost as well as you do.

Let’s talk about ways to make your customer base positively explode.

Reach out to 732.763.1866 or fill out the client query box below.

Warm regards

Stephanie Duncan, President 

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About MPW

MPW Communications, Inc. is a Monmouth County, New Jersey-headquartered marketing and communications company providing personalized services to healthcare, small business and technology firms. The company was founded by marketing and public relations professional Stephanie Duncan in 2008. 

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