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Is It Time to Boost Your NJ Medical Practice Marketing to the Next Level?

MDJuly 17, 2015

Do you outsource medical billing or accounting functions at your medical practice?

Due to the increasing time constraints (thank you, ACA) on doctors, nurses and administrative staff, it’s a fact of life. And let’s be honest, once you partner with the right service providers, it’s one less headache to worry about.

Your reasons for outsourcing are probably because it is more cost-effective, faster, and so that the people who are really good at it can make it happen for you.

But what about your marketing, public relations and advertising needs?

Unless you have a large practice, you probably don’t have someone in-house with specific medical marketing expertise in the New Jersey geo area that includes:

    • Social media expertise in healthcare (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+)
    • Building relationships with your “Raving Fan” patients to help increase patient referrals
    • Using simple and effective tools to increase your visibility to referring doctors
    • Contacts with local reporters and editors
    • Expert-level content skills to craft patient testimonials and white papers about your medical expertise
    • Relationships with local organizations who would like to feature you as a guest speaker
    • 365 days-a-week ability to update your website and keep it fresh, exciting and educational

Social media management and marketing outsourcing are hugely beneficial to your private practice

Here at MPW HEALTH, our services generally cost less than a part-time employee and have BIG impact on clinic growth, whether you are located in Bergen County or Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Contact us at 732-617-9296 or info@mpwcomm.com and we’ll be happy to review your website, online presence and current marketing program at no cost. Then we can chat about your goals and how we can help achieve them–sooner rather than later.

Another Doctor Client Featured on News 12’s “To Your Health”

We have placed another client on the weekend health program, “To Your Health” hosted by Dr. Derrick DeSilva. We are big fans of News 12 and their continual effort to share all the resources our region has to offer. This time around, our surgeon client talked about the benefits of bariatric surgery. We encouraged him to appear with one of his articulate patients who also happened to be a nurse at one of the hospitals where the doctor is on staff.


This turned out to be a very fortuitous effort as the three hospitals our client is affiliated with will also run the programs on their internal and external social media outlets, expanding our outreach tenfold.

If you are marketing a product or service to a regional audience, don’t forget about television. Once your PR person has booked your appearance, devote some time to undergoing some basic media training. Then, when it’s time for your close-up, you’ll be ready to shine. 


Best of all, don’t forget the cost of this powerful media opportunity. $0.

Using consumer-targeted articles to reach new patients

How doctors can help fill their waiting rooms.

A simple and direct way to reach new patients is to offer patient-targeted tips and advice, referred to as doctor-to-patient or (DTP) marketing, like this recently published article. This piece was optimally publicized by our client using the following distinct avenues:

  • Health and Wellness sections of area newspapers
  • Doctor and affiliated hospital websites
  • Email ‘eblast’
  • Offered as a take-one in the practice office

Note the practice’s contact information is conveniently provided at the end of the article–

“How to Manage Your Diabetes During the Holidays” 

The future’s so bright, shades will be required

IT’S been both a grand year and a not-so-perfect year. Regardless, 2010 is quickly slipping away.  It has been the Year of the Enlightened Client who recognizes and appreciates that tweeting, blogging and Facebook are incredibly powerful assets, when used effectively. They’ve also watched us take their marketing budgets and stretch them far beyond their expectations–and produce impressive results.  The new year looks bright because our clients stepped up to the plate, swung the bat, and scored several runs for their brands. 

This year, I’ve had the good fortune to meet many professionals in public relations, healthcare and marketing who have taught me so much, even those I met only for an hour.  Just so you know, your time and words were invaluable.

I have much to be thankful for and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of 2011 and take it for a drive. The future’s so bright, I’m going shopping for new shades.

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2011,

Stephanie Duncan

When is it time to bring on a PR firm?

Your company or practice may be just getting off the ground, spirally upward (or even downward). When is the optimal time to bring in the PR guns? If any of these four major events is happening, or about to happen, it is time to  begin PR outreach―STAT.

  1. You’ve got news. If you have new products, services or pricing, your marketplace needs to be properly educated about these new opportunities. This multi-pronged message should be communicated in a  clear voice that easily flows above the rest of the market din.
  2. You’ve got trouble. As in bad press, bad reviews, bad news, or an industry in crisis mode. Particularly in this new economic climate, you need professionals who will quickly mobilize and refocus your brand toward brighter skies. You need professional PR talent that knows how make delicious lemonade out of those lemons―right now.
  3. You’ve got competition who is boisterously bombarding your industry about their superiority and possibly even your weaknesses. It’s time to circle the wagons and wage a counter-attack with your own witty  and persuasive brand message.
  4. Your PR lacks consistency. Your internal team disseminated some PR messages but stopped or did not follow-through to solidify any significant impact on your target market.

As you know better than anyone, timing is critical. If you’re faced with any of the above noted situations, please give us a call. We have the solutions.

Retro Marketing – An Experiment

We’re looking for a few good doctors. Actually, we’re in search of a few good doctor clients. We have the time and manpower (now) to add to our client list.  Making direct contact with a doctor (unless you are in cardiac arrest or the late stages of labor) may be one of life’s bigger challenges–you politely push your way through several layers of gatekeepers and then learn he’s just left the building (for the next three weeks) .

So, yesterday, I looked at our target list of physicians and surgeons who seem to be building/growing their practices and sent them a letter. A personalized letter. Written on paper.


  • Opened with a personal reference/observation about their ads/website/Twitter posts.
  • Outlined how MPW can help develop their patient base/practice.
  • Closed with a thank you.
  • Wrote a personal note at the end of the letter.
  • Hand-addressed the envelope.

And off went the letters with a good old-fashioned US Postal Service stamp.

Next week, we’ll start calling again and reconnect with our new pals, the doctors’ gatekeepers. Perhaps, just maybe, one or two of the doctors or their assistants opened the turquoise envelope and looked at our letter. Hey, anything can happen. We’ll let you know how we fare.

Newsletters, media, releases and more…

We’re writing it all this week:

  • media pitches
  • senior residential community marketing newsletters we dig seniors)
  • web content
  • annual report for cancer care
  • press releases about an upcoming event
  • commentaries for board members
  • Physician marketing articles

And it’s only Monday.   BRING IT ON!