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Pantone’s Radiant Orchid (yes, it matters)

pantone-18-3224-radiant-orchid-colourThe longtime connoisseurs of color, Pantone, carefully chooses the preeminent  “Color of the Year” every year at this time. While color may not directly apply to New Jersey marketing and PR, we still find it applicable.

Many are surprised to learn that the Color of the Year eventually flows through the design and coloration veins of just about everything we touch. (Last year’s color was Emerald Green).

Obviously, this lovely and peaceful shade of lavender will be prominently featured in fashion and home design. But we like the idea of sneaking in a bit of Radiant Orchid  in our marketing efforts online and in print. It’s certainly an appealing color and compliments just about any logo colorations.

We think Radiant Orchid is a marvelous choice. While it is historically a feminine color,  fashion designers introduced this flattering shade to the mainstream fashion crowd and even middle-of-the-road males have been unexpectedly receptive and added a tie or shirt in this color spectrum.

Somehow, having us all coordinate efforts and ‘spread the purple’ creates an air of unification and cohesion amongst us all.  Let’s face it — when you have something to bring everyone together, you should run with it.

So while you may see nothing but red, green, gold and silver this week, rest assured, there’s a little purple in your future.

Talking to the media offers big returns on your time investment

entrepreneurWe spend much of our day communicating why our clients’ services  deserve your attention and patronage. On particularly good days, the national media will come calling to interview our clients. Dr. Michael Cooney, a longtime client, was interviewed recently for an article for Entrepreneur Magazine written by well-known healthcare writer, Lisa Evans.

Minutes after “Four Ways to Eliminate Back and Neck Pain at Work” hit the Internet, the doctor’s Twitter and Facebook pages, phones and emails went bananas.

It’s been just a few short hours since the online article went live; take a look at the social media sharing (located under the headline) which shows the number of people who have already “shared”  this article with their own list of friends / followers (nearing 300 and counting)  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228642

And everyone is happy: the article helps those of us stuck to our desks all day to avoid that constant pain in the neck; the writer has a reliable, high quality expert providing tips and advice; potential new patients discover Dr. Cooney and share his expertise with thousands of other people via their favorite social media sharing resource; and the doctor’s communications firm (that would be us) experiences some satisfaction in knowing new patients are going to discover this fantastic doctor.

It’s a good day here at MPW.

Coming up for a little air

Where to begin.

No news is good news?

There’s the old saying that healthcare people die early because they don’t take care of their own health. Fact.

Well, in our business, we haven’t taken time to market ourselves. Literally.

Sounds odd, but we have been packed to the rafters with clients we like who take up all of our time.  And then some. So, we don’t have time to reach out to new clients. Silly, we know, we know.

So we are housekeeping this week. We reignited our Twitter account  (who WERE those folks we were following?) and shared a thrilling exchange with Cortney Novogratz about her new book that came out today (with spouse Robert). There is much to do.

Our takeaway for those of you whom we are not expertly managing your day-to-day social media? Time to tidy things up:

  • Put up a blog post about what you are doing
  • Respond to a few tweets
  • Post a patient / customer testimonial message you received (with their permission, of course) on your Facebook account.

In other words, it’s time for all of us to come up to the surface for some air.

MPW Superbowl Recap

  • We laughed (Giants and Eli win!);
  • We cried (Madonna’s slow-mo 2012 dancing made us realize that we, too, are old);
  • We mocked most of the commercials (except for the Dodge/Chrysler ad with Clint Eastwood that spoke to the real SB audience–all-American viewers–mainstream, middle-of-the-road, driving American-made cars;
  • We danced salsa in honor of Mr. Cruz (but really because we won the soccer team football pool )

What were our business takeaways?

  • You can try too hard with commercials and confuse people.
  • You can work so hard to produce a ‘creative’ ad that will be the envy of competing agencies, but not actually benefit the client because the viewer didn’t understand the messaging.

Hey brand advertisers–did your agency spend your millions wisely? How did you feel immediately after your ad ran? Did it run at the right time during the programming? Did it make sense?

Bottom line–did it work–or didn’t it?

New year, new client, great technology

It is with great pleasure we announce our new partnership with a medical practice who will be the first medical treatment center in New Jersey to offer FDA-approved Calmare Pain Therapy treatment technology to help patients living with chronic pain. This technology is somewhat new in the US and already earning positive reviews from patients. The technology will help patients dealing with cancer and related treatment, MS, diabetes, phantom limb syndrome, diabetes pain and several other diseases.

MPW will be writing content for the website, hosted by WordPress, overseeing social media outreach to patients and physicians, and creating a big stir of interest on the PR front.

We love this client already. They are aggressive, smart and ready to help people with their pain. We are honored to partner with Rutherford Allied Medical Group.

Private Practice Social Media Plan

woman at PCLike it, use it, hate it or don’t even understand it, the marketing super-engine called ‘social media’ is not going away. In fact, it is picking up steam faster than any other marketing or public relations arsenal today.

Why? It’s uber cheap, reaches patients immediately and hits your target audience directly. How? Through online communities like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, forums and message boards, you can talk directly to potential patients by providing them with new and helpful information or education such as:

  • Launching or expanding a service line
  • Offering in-house education seminars or events
  • Educating patients about relevant medical news, new medications or preventative opportunities
  • Announcing a sponsorship or special event
  • Speaking at a public forum about a relevant health topic
  • Adding key medical staff
  • Offering new office technology

Today, our internet marketing (websites, email blasts, social media) now represents about 70% of our marketing outreach. Print advertising and materials make up about 15% of our strategy and the remainder is devoted to special healthcare events, sponsorships and editorial initiatives with the press.

Ultimately, your social media presence will guide your potential patient to your website or directly to your office. It’s a “soft sell” approach that our doctor clients are finding to be especially successful. By the way, have you perused your own site lately? It is updated, warm and inviting, direct and informative? Are there modern images shown that your viewer can relate to? If not, take action now. We can help (click here for details).

Social media ties all your marketing and PR efforts together into a neat and tidy presentation. This is an arena in which your business or practice must be fully engaged. Let’s create a strategy for you–today. You’ll be amazed how quickly your plan can be live on the web.

Doctor speaking engagements

doctor speakingHere is just a snippet of why we can help doctors with their practice’s marketing and public relations:

Today, we  secured a speaking opportunity for one of our pediatrician clients. He’ll be presenting a 15-minute (“no PowerPoint, please, just talk to our audience of 200 pregnant women…”) talk called, “Bringing Baby Home,” during a panel presentation at a regional hospital Baby Fair.

The benefits: 

1) Helping new mothers know what to expect and how to cope with bringing a new baby home for the first time;

2) Sharing medical advice and personal expertise to 200 potential patients who probably have not secured their pediatrician yet.

Good for new parents, good for baby, good for the pediatrician.

Physician Commentaries R Us

doctor testimonial imageIt’s a busy week as our physician clients ramp up for Fall print and web placements with their commentaries highlighting their specialities. This week, we’re writing about :

  • *Fall 2009 Flu Prevention Preparation

*New Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

*Minimally Invasive Gastric Bypass Options

*Total Knee and Hip Replacement Advances

Suffice it to say, our knees and hips now hurt, we’re hungry and have to dash to the restroom….

The Physician Commentary = Free Advertising

newspaperWe know what you are going to say. Print is dead. Well, it’s fighting for its life, for sure. But there is free advertising to be had for fine doctors and dentists everywhere. Print pubs all publish a Health and Wellness pull out section, weekly at the dailies and monthly at the weeklies, generally.

After newspapers have laid out their ads, they have content space to fill with articles and images. This is where your Physician Commentary comes in. Newspapers used to subscribe to national news services who would supply “canned” news articles to use as “filler” content (around those ads).  But these subscriptions are expensive.

An editor told me today she would welcome articles written by local doctors/dentists/clinician pros discussing relevant healthcare topics. She said, “I’ll even let them include their address and phone numbers at the bottom of the article.” Cost? $0.  Advertising dollar value to doctors and dentists trying to build their patient bases? (We can’t say priceless, but you get it).

So much of what we create for our clients these days is the simple stuff. These commentaries can enjoy very loooonnngggg shelf lives and be utilized in so many additional ways–website content, office and health fair handouts…

We specialize in Physician Commentaries. MPW will:

  •  research and write your articles (under your byline)
  • find/place targeted media resources (some are web-based, of course)
  • get your name, practice address, website & phone number in print.

For most clients, we produce about 6-12 consumer healthcare articles per year.


Medical Practice Marketing – Interior Design

waiting room imageOur healthcare practice marketing and PR efforts continue to grow (merci’). One of the extensions of this effort are requests by physicians and dentists to update or decorate their public spaces and treatment rooms.

We must say we’re particularly impressed that these fine medical professionals understand the importance of providing a great first impression for patients when they walk in the door.

Let’s face it–doctor and dentist visits bring on varying degrees of anxiety for patients from the get-go. But savvy practices will soften the blow by providing patients with a modern, uplifing and comfortable space to wait.

Our latest project involves the removal of a mish-mosh of 30-year-old dark, dated furnishing and white semi-gloss walls.  On a tight budget, we will completely alter the look of the space with paint treatment, new seating, a great rug and accent furniture. We will also pay particular attention to pint-sized patients and offer kid-friendly furnishing for them as well.

Stay tuned for before and after images. Trading Spaces has nothing on MPW…