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Doctor speaking engagements

doctor speakingHere is just a snippet of why we can help doctors with their practice’s marketing and public relations:

Today, we  secured a speaking opportunity for one of our pediatrician clients. He’ll be presenting a 15-minute (“no PowerPoint, please, just talk to our audience of 200 pregnant women…”) talk called, “Bringing Baby Home,” during a panel presentation at a regional hospital Baby Fair.

The benefits: 

1) Helping new mothers know what to expect and how to cope with bringing a new baby home for the first time;

2) Sharing medical advice and personal expertise to 200 potential patients who probably have not secured their pediatrician yet.

Good for new parents, good for baby, good for the pediatrician.

Time to Update Your Website

Have you noticed?  The best retailers, restaurants, homebuilders and service providers are letting us know that that we need to click to their websites because they are “all-new“, “revamped“, “expanded” and “just better than they used to be…”

In late July, we contacted all our clients and asked them to look at their sites and make sure every page, image and word is current and up-to-date. Amazingly, we have received 100% response from clients asking us to make changes–“delete this page, add all this content, change out every image on our site and replace with new images..”

Take a few minutes today to see what’s posted on  your site–you may very well find that it’s time to refresh your messages.

Blink Goes Live

blink-reaction2Our newest client, Blink, who develops websites, has just taken their new website live at http://blinkreaction.com/. MPW created the copy for this simple, easy-to-navigate site that builds websites for companies of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen their work and we’re impressed. We look forward to many more projects with them in the weeks and months to come!

Fall 2009 Marketing Strategy Rollout

canoeWe’ll be off-site today implementing the start of our  fall 2009 marketing strategy for one of our favorite clients who hosts all kinds of special events at their private resort.

Hopefully, we’ll have a minute or two to canoe across one of their beautiful lakes!

Social Media Mining

web 2.0Like it, use it, hate it or don’t even understand it, the marketing super-engine called ‘social media’ is not going away. In fact, it is picking up steam faster than any other marketing or public relations arsenal today. Through blogs, message boards, and online communities, consumers are reacting and speaking out about your product or service.

And you must know what in the world your market is saying–true or not, accurate or not, supportive or not.

Once you have up-to-the-minute feedback from the marketplace, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

But you can only do this if you know what’s being said about you. And while you’re at it—what’s being said about your key competitors?

MPW Communications now offers social media mining. On your behalf, we’ll peruse literally thousands of message boards, blogs, forums and websites to uncover real-time insight into the consumer opinions and perceptions of your company.

MPW Media Mining helps:

• Empower your marketing and sales team to fully understand how the market perceives your company and your products
• Discover specifically what consumers are saying about you
• Understand how the market perceives your direct competitors.
• Gain feedback on recent product or service additions or changes
• Gauge potential demand for new product or service offerings.
• Spot industry-specific consumer trends and needs
• Identify your most powerful critics and supporters