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MPW Places Client on CBS 2 New York

September 14, 2018

One of the strategies we utilize is helping to share good deeds performed by our clients with New York and New Jersey media outlets.

While we are not directly marketing the services or products of our clients, we are telling a story about their values and the caliber of their brand.

Yesterday, CBS 2 in New York featured a community service project sponsored by our client, a senior living retirement community here in New Jersey.

Our client wa thrilled with the 2-minute feature piece–as well as the added commentary at the end of the piece by senior news anchors Maurice Dubois and Kristine Johnson:

We’ve gone stark raving Vaio

After too much web research and way too long hanging out at BestBuy, we’ve committed to the Sony Vaio as our new notebook of choice. We’re gambling on two fronts: The Vaio and a new relationship with our local Best Buy. First test–the illustrious Geek Squad. Be afraid, dear geeks, for we have high expectations.