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The Editorial Advertorial – ‘Dream’ Placement

We researched and composed this advertorial for one of our senior living clients. The feature looks completely editorial but is actually produced by the retirement community. You can only hope that when the publication publishes your article, you receive this kind of placement http://tinyurl.com/yablpdc

Spreading the word about minimally invasive surgeries

We research, write and edit countless physician healthcare commentaries every month for doctors to discuss topics related to their medical specialty.  Today, we all marveled at how today’s medicine can fix so many chronic health problems using minimally invasive surgery.

Just a decade ago, these surgical procedures could only be performed using an open (one large incision) procedure. Today’s minimally invasive options offer patients less scarring, less pain and quicker recovery. We’re sold.

One of the benefits of consumer healthcare articles written by doctors is that the reader can become more educated about a healthcare condition and then discuss it with his own physican–or–better yet–the physician who wrote the article.

Here’s a small sampling of recent articles that appeared in internet and print publications:

“Incontinence treatment offers improved quality of life” http://www.centrastate.com/commentary.asp?recordID=31

“Say goodbye to debilitating knee and hip joint pain” http://www.centrastate.com/commentary.asp?recordID=33

Women’s health screenings even more important after age 40″ http://health.gmnews.com/news/2009/1202/health/006.html

 “Lung cancer is leading cause of cancer deaths” http://www.centrastate.com/commentary.asp?recordID=22