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Does the Press Know You’re Doing That?

We have a wonderful client who markets an upscale senior living community for retirees. The sales director keenly understands that her market still reads the newspaper and probably does not tweet during their morning coffee. This group also does not put much stock in advertisements.  So, we share the community’s news–and they expend a big effort in creating it–in news releases.  Community plays, exhibits, trips, events–it’s all explained in a one-page news release. The best part is–the media outlets publish it–all the time. The children of these retirees also see this content when it’s replayed on the publication’s website, or even occasionally featured on their Facebook page or even tweeted.

But we’re not done with those releases. They are combined and easily reworked into (quarterly) newsletter content (print and electronic) for a second, third or even fourth bang for your buck. And everything is posted on the brand’s website, of course.

The Printed Marketing Newsletter Lives On

Most marketing/PR people will tell you that business only happens via the web and the days of printed marketing collateral are over. But one of our clients is marketing to an audience who doesn’t live for the internet. 

Applewood Estates is a senior residential community targeting 70+ well-heeled seniors. While the community offers a lovely computer room stocked with PCs, this target market still gets ink on their hands enjoying their morning newspaper.

In turn, the Applewood community sends out a very wide distribution of its printed newsletter, which MPW Communications writes and edits. Their content emphasizes the community’s commmitment to safe and comfortable homes, plentiful cultural pursuits, an active lifestyle and friendly residents. Further, while the newsletter offers several images, it also offers plenty of supporting content–understanding that this audience actually has time to read.

Bottom line:  Applewood’s marketing team is reaching its target market by talking in a language it appreciates and understands–print.

Feel free to download their latest issue. It presents a classic example of varied content, appealing images and serves as a great asset to selling residences.