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NJ Pain Management Doctor Featured on The Mighty

August 22, 2017

We are pleased to place our doctor client on The Mighty, a global patient-targeted chronic illness site for support and education with nearly one million followers.

Our client uses an FDA-cleared device to help patients overcome medication and treatment-resistant neuropathic pain.

The device manufacturer has no branded advertising, marketing plan or public relations support.

To overcome this obstacle, we developed a ‘start-up’ brand strategy for this Bergen County chiropractor which included soup to nuts:

  • Logo and brand ID
  • Website and blog
  • Social media profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+
  • Expert content on topics related to alternative medicine/pain relief
  • Media outreach and public relations

Today, the doctor is a world-renowned expert on the use of the device and his success rate combatting several specific pain conditions.

He maintains a patient base from as far away as Australia, South Africa, South America, Western Europe, Canada and across the U.S.

If you’re ready to build your brand and reach more patients or customers, reach out to our MPW team at (732) 763-1866 or complete the eCard below and let us know how we can help.

Surgeon Client’s Patients Featured in Asbury Park Press 2-Page Spread

March 28, 2017

Part of successful doctor marketing here in New Jersey is capitalizing on the doctor’s patient success stories–in the target geographic area where the doctor practices.

Our Monmouth County surgeon is located in the middle of the Asbury Park Press newspaper region.

We reached out to the publication suggesting an amazing success story of three generations who had weight loss surgery and collectively lost 260 pounds.

The article appears today, featured on the cover and page 3 of the Healthy Living section.

In addition, the publication felt the article was so strong, they added a ‘teaser’ featured above the masthead on page one.

If you’re ready to get the word out about the good work your medical practice is doing, we welcome the opportunity to talk about expanding your patient base. Call our MPW team at (732) 763-1866 and let’s get your success stories front and center.

Stephanie Duncan’s Huffington Post article tells how to find the right surgeon for you

Huffington PostNone of us wants to face surgery. But if you are blessed with the time to pick and choose your surgeon before your operation, MPW Communications founder Stephanie Duncan has a new article today on Huffington Post offering expert-provided advise on how to pick a doctor that is right for your operation.

Surgery imageStephanie partnered with CentraState Medical Center in Freehold and their chief of surgery, Dr. Amit Kharod, who offered advise from his unique point of view.

Facing the knife? Read this and rest a bit easier, knowing you have a doctor in your corner who will get you back on your feet quickly and with the least amount of pain possible.

Writing one article in your specialty can reach thousands of potential clients

doctor hand at PC

(Client links included below):

In today’s Internet media arena, a single timely and interesting article can be placed in a variety of marketing avenues to increase visibility, boost your reputation and attract new clients or patients.

For example, if you are a physician marketing your private practice, a well-timed, 500-word article about a healthcare topic in  your medical specialty can win placement in several areas and immediately be seen by thousands of viewers such as:

  • Your website blog
  • Your medical practice Facebook and Twitter pages
  • One or more AOL Patch site blogs in your target community
  • Local health and wellness sections of geo–targeted print publications.
  • External) blogs that focus on your topic (i.e. an article about alternative therapies for a chronic pain website).
  • For healthcare professionals, the marketing departments at affiliated hospitals are eager to publish doctor-authored content on their own multi-channel social media outlets!

Keep in mind, here at MPW, we use these channels — and many others.

Content is still king. If you need help getting the word out about your small business, you’ve come to the right place.

Pantone’s Radiant Orchid (yes, it matters)

pantone-18-3224-radiant-orchid-colourThe longtime connoisseurs of color, Pantone, carefully chooses the preeminent  “Color of the Year” every year at this time. While color may not directly apply to New Jersey marketing and PR, we still find it applicable.

Many are surprised to learn that the Color of the Year eventually flows through the design and coloration veins of just about everything we touch. (Last year’s color was Emerald Green).

Obviously, this lovely and peaceful shade of lavender will be prominently featured in fashion and home design. But we like the idea of sneaking in a bit of Radiant Orchid  in our marketing efforts online and in print. It’s certainly an appealing color and compliments just about any logo colorations.

We think Radiant Orchid is a marvelous choice. While it is historically a feminine color,  fashion designers introduced this flattering shade to the mainstream fashion crowd and even middle-of-the-road males have been unexpectedly receptive and added a tie or shirt in this color spectrum.

Somehow, having us all coordinate efforts and ‘spread the purple’ creates an air of unification and cohesion amongst us all.  Let’s face it — when you have something to bring everyone together, you should run with it.

So while you may see nothing but red, green, gold and silver this week, rest assured, there’s a little purple in your future.

Print Glossies are Far from Dead

ImageYes, yes, we know. Print media is dead. We hope our competitors keep believing this so that our team here can continue to win very valuable (free) editorial placements in these publications.

Regional magazines are especially important for our healthcare clients targeting a local patient base. 201 Magazine is a perfect example. This is a northern NJ monthly targeting upscale Bergen County residents.  In addition to this popular edition, they offer several additional spin-off publications including 201 Health.

We began pitching them in mid-2011 and in early 2012 they called us for an interview with our Bergen County client and its new pain therapy treatment. The end result was a three-page feature article which included on-site photos, an interview with the lead doctor and two of his patients. The article was beautifully written and the images  were right on target. Keep in mind, this article was published at $0 cost to the practice. (Incidentally, the cost for one full-page ad is close to $5,000).

Best of all, people suffering with chronic pain in northern NJ now know  this non-invasive pain treatment is available just minutes from home. Due to the success of this placement, our client is interested in launching an ad campaign in the magazine next year.

Bragging Writes

Here’s a an email from one of our doctor clients  who has turned this rainy day to sunshine–

“The response to Calmare has been amazing.  Phone ringing all day long w/ inquires.  The patients required for the trial has been filled and we start w/ intake on Mon. and treatments start Tues. of next week.  We have our book filled w/ many consultations and a few that have already signed up for the entire 10  day program.  Your marketing has truly paid off, thank you!”

Now this is why we like to come to work every day! (SD)