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Doctor speaking engagements

doctor speakingHere is just a snippet of why we can help doctors with their practice’s marketing and public relations:

Today, we  secured a speaking opportunity for one of our pediatrician clients. He’ll be presenting a 15-minute (“no PowerPoint, please, just talk to our audience of 200 pregnant women…”) talk called, “Bringing Baby Home,” during a panel presentation at a regional hospital Baby Fair.

The benefits: 

1) Helping new mothers know what to expect and how to cope with bringing a new baby home for the first time;

2) Sharing medical advice and personal expertise to 200 potential patients who probably have not secured their pediatrician yet.

Good for new parents, good for baby, good for the pediatrician.

Newsletters, media, releases and more…

We’re writing it all this week:

  • media pitches
  • senior residential community marketing newsletters we dig seniors)
  • web content
  • annual report for cancer care
  • press releases about an upcoming event
  • commentaries for board members
  • Physician marketing articles

And it’s only Monday.   BRING IT ON!

Physician Commentaries R Us

doctor testimonial imageIt’s a busy week as our physician clients ramp up for Fall print and web placements with their commentaries highlighting their specialities. This week, we’re writing about :

  • *Fall 2009 Flu Prevention Preparation

*New Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

*Minimally Invasive Gastric Bypass Options

*Total Knee and Hip Replacement Advances

Suffice it to say, our knees and hips now hurt, we’re hungry and have to dash to the restroom….

The Physician Commentary = Free Advertising

newspaperWe know what you are going to say. Print is dead. Well, it’s fighting for its life, for sure. But there is free advertising to be had for fine doctors and dentists everywhere. Print pubs all publish a Health and Wellness pull out section, weekly at the dailies and monthly at the weeklies, generally.

After newspapers have laid out their ads, they have content space to fill with articles and images. This is where your Physician Commentary comes in. Newspapers used to subscribe to national news services who would supply “canned” news articles to use as “filler” content (around those ads).  But these subscriptions are expensive.

An editor told me today she would welcome articles written by local doctors/dentists/clinician pros discussing relevant healthcare topics. She said, “I’ll even let them include their address and phone numbers at the bottom of the article.” Cost? $0.  Advertising dollar value to doctors and dentists trying to build their patient bases? (We can’t say priceless, but you get it).

So much of what we create for our clients these days is the simple stuff. These commentaries can enjoy very loooonnngggg shelf lives and be utilized in so many additional ways–website content, office and health fair handouts…

We specialize in Physician Commentaries. MPW will:

  •  research and write your articles (under your byline)
  • find/place targeted media resources (some are web-based, of course)
  • get your name, practice address, website & phone number in print.

For most clients, we produce about 6-12 consumer healthcare articles per year.


Medical Practice Marketing – Interior Design

waiting room imageOur healthcare practice marketing and PR efforts continue to grow (merci’). One of the extensions of this effort are requests by physicians and dentists to update or decorate their public spaces and treatment rooms.

We must say we’re particularly impressed that these fine medical professionals understand the importance of providing a great first impression for patients when they walk in the door.

Let’s face it–doctor and dentist visits bring on varying degrees of anxiety for patients from the get-go. But savvy practices will soften the blow by providing patients with a modern, uplifing and comfortable space to wait.

Our latest project involves the removal of a mish-mosh of 30-year-old dark, dated furnishing and white semi-gloss walls.  On a tight budget, we will completely alter the look of the space with paint treatment, new seating, a great rug and accent furniture. We will also pay particular attention to pint-sized patients and offer kid-friendly furnishing for them as well.

Stay tuned for before and after images. Trading Spaces has nothing on MPW…

Summer Strategy

what I'd like for you to knowSomehow, our economy has managed to hang on and not sink into the depths of despair or a crippling depression (depending upon who you talk to, of course).

At MPW, we’re certainly cognizant of our economic strife but also feel strongly that we have to push all that aside and forge ahead. Why? Because there are still consumers out there with money to spend. And people are always searching for quality healthcare providers–no matter what their bank accounts say.

There are buyers out there looking for your product or service right now.  The question is–can they find you??

If I am looking for just about anything, I’ll ask someone or, more likely, I’ll Google it.  If I Google your company or practice, what will I find? Will I find a clean and informative website, a host of articles that you have distributed about pertinent topics related to your business?  Can I peruse customer or patient testimonials about how great you are and how dumb I would be not to jump on board?

Our mantra is ‘keep it simple’. Simply strategies work wonders.  Let’s get a powerful marketing plan fired up for you. Right now.

Great day,


2009 Resolutions

victory-better11. Give clients even more than they expect. Surpass expectations for new clients and continue to provide customers with a WOW factor in 2009.

2.  Deliver top quality work STAT. We vow to keep our client base small enough to deliver fast and furiously. We are there for clients 24/7, when everyone else has gone home for the night, the weekend, the holiday.

3.  Design and implement ingenious ways to do more with less–less time, less people, less money. Execute flawlessly.

4.  Nurture valuable contacts. Note we say ‘valuable’.  We will continue to surround ourselves with passionate, intelligent professionals who we can help and who can help us.

Recently, we were laughing about all the folks suddenly coming out of the woodwork who were always too busy with more important things to offer  insight/counsel/guidance/advise who are now ironically asking for our help.

On the brighter side, our colleague, Ann Higgins, owner of Utopia Communications, offered us her (very valuable) time, experience and expertise when we were getting our operation off the ground.  Ann, may we thank you publicly, and promise to pass it on?

5. Get smart. This year, we vow to expand our education in all things PR–media (yippee), press, writing, selling and reaching the elusive customer.

Call us PollyAnna, but after seven glasses of champagne on NYE, we all voted to ignore cnnmoney.com this year and forge ahead with good karma and a positive message. Because somebody has to do it.

Daily Candy NYC

There’s a powerful consumer website that has ruled big cities for a long time, Daily Candy. The site is visually stunning, just catty enough, and nearly impossible to win media coverage. They also offer some targeted publications, including DailyCandyKids. One of our clients has launched a fashion item for babies and toddlers. We want our product covered and we want it now.

We broke the collection on another targeted media site, Urban Baby, last week. They provided a wonderful, free feature (including an eblast to their database!) and a great image of our product.

Now we’re thinking if Daily Candy received the Urban Baby blast about us, they may pass on covering us…

Not to worry, we have other plans to charm you into covering us, Daily Candy. Once you are on our radar, it’s only a matter of time until we win you over.

Stay tuned.