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Surgeon Client’s Patients Featured in Asbury Park Press 2-Page Spread

March 28, 2017

Part of successful doctor marketing here in New Jersey is capitalizing on the doctor’s patient success stories–in the target geographic area where the doctor practices.

Our Monmouth County surgeon is located in the middle of the Asbury Park Press newspaper region.

We reached out to the publication suggesting an amazing success story of three generations who had weight loss surgery and collectively lost 260 pounds.

The article appears today, featured on the cover and page 3 of the Healthy Living section.

In addition, the publication felt the article was so strong, they added a ‘teaser’ featured above the masthead on page one.

If you’re ready to get the word out about the good work your medical practice is doing, we welcome the opportunity to talk about expanding your patient base. Call our MPW team at (732) 763-1866 and let’s get your success stories front and center.

Does the Press Know You’re Doing That?

We have a wonderful client who markets an upscale senior living community for retirees. The sales director keenly understands that her market still reads the newspaper and probably does not tweet during their morning coffee. This group also does not put much stock in advertisements.  So, we share the community’s news–and they expend a big effort in creating it–in news releases.  Community plays, exhibits, trips, events–it’s all explained in a one-page news release. The best part is–the media outlets publish it–all the time. The children of these retirees also see this content when it’s replayed on the publication’s website, or even occasionally featured on their Facebook page or even tweeted.

But we’re not done with those releases. They are combined and easily reworked into (quarterly) newsletter content (print and electronic) for a second, third or even fourth bang for your buck. And everything is posted on the brand’s website, of course.

Newsletters, media, releases and more…

We’re writing it all this week:

  • media pitches
  • senior residential community marketing newsletters we dig seniors)
  • web content
  • annual report for cancer care
  • press releases about an upcoming event
  • commentaries for board members
  • Physician marketing articles

And it’s only Monday.   BRING IT ON!

Back to Basics

fork-knife-spoonOne of our favorite clients who operates a lovely lakeside catering facility is facing tough times, like everyone else. We agreed to proceed with a summer marketing campaign anyway.

Our strategy is to put away all the proverbial marketing and PR bells and whistles and celebrate the basics:

*A big, beautiful postcard that can serve multiple purposes

*Bi-monthly, very specifically targeted eblasts

*$0 profit margin ‘open’ marketing events designed to bring clients in to see the site

*Tweaking, tightening and tweaking the website some more

*Designing in-house marketing pieces that can be printed on a super-high quality printer and updated without the design and printing expenses.

*Sending out matte press releases which discuss the secrets of hosting successful events, and mentioning our client by name.

In these times, going back to the basics helps clients refine and update key messages. It also enables them to take out what isn’t working and replace it with something fresh and new.

There’s something very satisfying about clearing away all the peripheral stuff and letting core messages shine through.

The Proof is in the PR

sand-box-pant-300-dpi1One of our favorite clients brought us on board long before their product was even in stock. “I’ve got to get the word out that we’re launching this new company, featuring this new product and I don’t have millions to devote to advertising,” noted Liesl, the company’s designer and founder.

More than a year later, her company has taken off and she has garnered high quality coverage and praise from her target publications. Take a look at her recent editorial coverage, just this fall, and think about what that would cost in print and electronic ads.  Ouch.

Note that many clever smaller firms list us as direct employee team members on their media efforts.

Targeting the Trades

Let’s talk about getting a very big PR bang for your buck.  More often than not, we find that we garner more response (orders/purchases/calls/appointments…) when we place PR in trade publications versus national or regional pubs.

Obviously, trade readers have specific interest in the subject. Our New York-based children’s sewing pattern client, Oliver + S, is reaping heavy site hits and subsequent orders from this recent placement in Threads, a trendy trade for sewers, quilters and crafters. This clip was derived from a plain and simple electronic press release.

You can’t buy this kind of complimentary and supportive commentary by the pub’s editors.

MJ’s Jazz Lounge Picks Up Momentum

MJ’s, St. Pete’s new 5,000 sq. ft. venue, is quickly coming together and preparing to open this fall. We’ve been generating social medial buzz throughout Tampa Bay. Our initial target market is the region’s late 20’s to early 40’s professionals who can pay top dollar for high-end spirits and wines.

They have wisely stolen away a wonderfully talented New York chef who will create masterful American-style tapas dishes.

Our biggest challenge is to refine the brand logo for all our fast-approaching marketing needs. We’ve brought on DK Design to work with the extensive branding plan and so far everything looks fantastic.

Our outreach has extended to St. Pete’s pleasantly sophisticated Chamber of Commerce and other regional orgs who we will partner with to drum up the buzz. With the Clearwater Jazz Festival set for October and the SuperBowl in Tampa early next year, MJ’s should be optimally positioned to hit a home run.

Daily Candy NYC

There’s a powerful consumer website that has ruled big cities for a long time, Daily Candy. The site is visually stunning, just catty enough, and nearly impossible to win media coverage. They also offer some targeted publications, including DailyCandyKids. One of our clients has launched a fashion item for babies and toddlers. We want our product covered and we want it now.

We broke the collection on another targeted media site, Urban Baby, last week. They provided a wonderful, free feature (including an eblast to their database!) and a great image of our product.

Now we’re thinking if Daily Candy received the Urban Baby blast about us, they may pass on covering us…

Not to worry, we have other plans to charm you into covering us, Daily Candy. Once you are on our radar, it’s only a matter of time until we win you over.

Stay tuned.


Physician & Dental Practices are Businesses, Too

Spent an hour perusing physician and dental practice websites in my town– infertility specialists, plastic surgeons, radiologists–professionals that need to be saving the world but also growing their businesses. These highly competitive specialities are a dime a dozen. I don’t know about you, but I visit the websites of just about every new product and service before I visit/commit/purchase.

I don’t expect these overtaxed physicians to spent time reviewing their websites. In fact, that’s what we do here at MPW. We’ll fill these sites with current and engaging information to captivate patients and prospective patients, who will say, “They’ve got their act together. I’m calling them for an appointment.”  

One of the sites I visited hasn’t been updated since 2003. But they have paid major bucks for print ads galore in all the newspapers–and include their website address on these ads…

Have you checked-out your website lately?