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New Jersey Doctors: Can New Patients Find You?

May 3, 2017

You can be the best doctor in the world, but if no one knows you are out there, how can you help them?

MPW specializes in reaching new patients for your medical specialty, so you can spend your time practicing medicine.

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Using consumer-targeted articles to reach new patients

How doctors can help fill their waiting rooms.

A simple and direct way to reach new patients is to offer patient-targeted tips and advice, referred to as doctor-to-patient or (DTP) marketing, like this recently published article. This piece was optimally publicized by our client using the following distinct avenues:

  • Health and Wellness sections of area newspapers
  • Doctor and affiliated hospital websites
  • Email ‘eblast’
  • Offered as a take-one in the practice office

Note the practice’s contact information is conveniently provided at the end of the article–

“How to Manage Your Diabetes During the Holidays” 

Today’s marketing mantra–KISS

You know, “Keep it super simple.”

For an easy way to update your mailing list, combine your blog posts, a tweet here and there, a kind comment from a follower on Facebook and bind them into an eNewsletter. Let’s face it–we don’t always have time to visit your site, read your tweets or see what you are up to on Facebook.

By combining the high points of the past few months into a quick and easy newsletter, you can keep your fans updated.

Here’s a quick and simple version from our client who operates a catering venue and here’s a nice synopsis from one of our doctor clients.

It’s a quick, informative read that a good portion of your database will peruse. For most clients, sending an eNewsletter on a quarterly basis is plenty.