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A fast, fun and effective franchise website with room to grow


A savvy client who purchased an educational enrichment global franchise wanted to offer an additional level of services to meet the specific needs of her New Jersey client base. She was in need of a simple, direct and cost effective website to present her service categories and share client testimonials. In lieu of spending thousands for a website designer to build a custom site, we created a virtually ‘free website’ using WordPress’s Coraline blog template. We paid $20 bucks to purchase a custom URL from and installed a geo-specific masthead to add a polished welcome to viewers.

The feature pages and supporting drop-downs offer clear and concise information for harried parents in search of information. Images were stock photos combined with actual on-site photos.

The site functions like a content management system and can be changed and updated more easily than editing a Word document. And there is plenty of room to grow. Priority #1 —video. We recommended introducing a friendly welcome message from the franchise director, a few teachers and some happy customer testimonials (parents and children). Adding key social media is also in the works, of course.

Bottom line–this site helps potential customers get to know JEI and why it stands apart from the competition. This is a great start to markeing a franchise with a personalized, local message. On the cheap. Now there’s a good business plan.

Today’s marketing mantra–KISS

You know, “Keep it super simple.”

For an easy way to update your mailing list, combine your blog posts, a tweet here and there, a kind comment from a follower on Facebook and bind them into an eNewsletter. Let’s face it–we don’t always have time to visit your site, read your tweets or see what you are up to on Facebook.

By combining the high points of the past few months into a quick and easy newsletter, you can keep your fans updated.

Here’s a quick and simple version from our client who operates a catering venue and here’s a nice synopsis from one of our doctor clients.

It’s a quick, informative read that a good portion of your database will peruse. For most clients, sending an eNewsletter on a quarterly basis is plenty.

New year, new client, great technology

It is with great pleasure we announce our new partnership with a medical practice who will be the first medical treatment center in New Jersey to offer FDA-approved Calmare Pain Therapy treatment technology to help patients living with chronic pain. This technology is somewhat new in the US and already earning positive reviews from patients. The technology will help patients dealing with cancer and related treatment, MS, diabetes, phantom limb syndrome, diabetes pain and several other diseases.

MPW will be writing content for the website, hosted by WordPress, overseeing social media outreach to patients and physicians, and creating a big stir of interest on the PR front.

We love this client already. They are aggressive, smart and ready to help people with their pain. We are honored to partner with Rutherford Allied Medical Group.

The future’s so bright, shades will be required

IT’S been both a grand year and a not-so-perfect year. Regardless, 2010 is quickly slipping away.  It has been the Year of the Enlightened Client who recognizes and appreciates that tweeting, blogging and Facebook are incredibly powerful assets, when used effectively. They’ve also watched us take their marketing budgets and stretch them far beyond their expectations–and produce impressive results.  The new year looks bright because our clients stepped up to the plate, swung the bat, and scored several runs for their brands. 

This year, I’ve had the good fortune to meet many professionals in public relations, healthcare and marketing who have taught me so much, even those I met only for an hour.  Just so you know, your time and words were invaluable.

I have much to be thankful for and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of 2011 and take it for a drive. The future’s so bright, I’m going shopping for new shades.

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2011,

Stephanie Duncan

What’s your twitter pitch (140 or less)

I manage the social media platform for an up-and-coming surgicenter specializing in bariatric and laparoscopic procedures. While live on their Twitter account late one evening, a follower suddenly asked me why (our) surgeons were best suited to perform his hernia operation.

In most other scenarios, a response would be easy–but being held to 140 characters  required a direct, confident response. I suddenly realized that a brand’s Twitter pitch may soon supercede the classic 30-second elevator pitch.

It was off the cuff, but I shot back (134 characters)–

Board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons specialize in minimally invasive solutions. Positive & patient

Our website tracking data shows he clicked on the link and went to the website and quickly found the Nissen Fundoplication for GERD & Hiatal Hernia page, where he stayed for two minutes, twelve seconds.

For every one of your brands or services, create your own Twitter pitches–you never know when they will be called to duty.

Does the Press Know You’re Doing That?

We have a wonderful client who markets an upscale senior living community for retirees. The sales director keenly understands that her market still reads the newspaper and probably does not tweet during their morning coffee. This group also does not put much stock in advertisements.  So, we share the community’s news–and they expend a big effort in creating it–in news releases.  Community plays, exhibits, trips, events–it’s all explained in a one-page news release. The best part is–the media outlets publish it–all the time. The children of these retirees also see this content when it’s replayed on the publication’s website, or even occasionally featured on their Facebook page or even tweeted.

But we’re not done with those releases. They are combined and easily reworked into (quarterly) newsletter content (print and electronic) for a second, third or even fourth bang for your buck. And everything is posted on the brand’s website, of course.

Welcome Protos Security

It has been our pleasure to work with Protos Security as they expand their nationwide security management company. Just from working with their senior managers, we know one of their business strengths is unrivaled customer service. And we did our best to offer the same to them. Soon, they will be unveiling an all-new, upgraded and expanded website that will reflect their incredible depth of service offerings and expertise. Should you need assistance with security guard management (coast-to-coast) give them a call.

The Editorial Advertorial – ‘Dream’ Placement

We researched and composed this advertorial for one of our senior living clients. The feature looks completely editorial but is actually produced by the retirement community. You can only hope that when the publication publishes your article, you receive this kind of placement

Smart CEO

Now this is the way we like to begin our work week: We have a new client who markets b2b services in the security industry. The CEO decided to upgrade and update his marketing message to better suit his growing national enterprise.

Here’s why he’s the CEO:  He’s starting with his website–moving it from an old, fixed flash site to a Drupal-based CMS. So, as his content needs change, his team can update the site independently 12 times a day (or more) , if they’d like. This can be accomplished with the ease of updating a Word document.

We’ll be rewriting his content to better reflect the company–professional, serious-minded, but warm. This growing company, in a growing industry, is proactively improving its messaging to clients. Smart thinking, all the way around.

Welcome aboard!

The Printed Marketing Newsletter Lives On

Most marketing/PR people will tell you that business only happens via the web and the days of printed marketing collateral are over. But one of our clients is marketing to an audience who doesn’t live for the internet. 

Applewood Estates is a senior residential community targeting 70+ well-heeled seniors. While the community offers a lovely computer room stocked with PCs, this target market still gets ink on their hands enjoying their morning newspaper.

In turn, the Applewood community sends out a very wide distribution of its printed newsletter, which MPW Communications writes and edits. Their content emphasizes the community’s commmitment to safe and comfortable homes, plentiful cultural pursuits, an active lifestyle and friendly residents. Further, while the newsletter offers several images, it also offers plenty of supporting content–understanding that this audience actually has time to read.

Bottom line:  Applewood’s marketing team is reaching its target market by talking in a language it appreciates and understands–print.

Feel free to download their latest issue. It presents a classic example of varied content, appealing images and serves as a great asset to selling residences.