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Are You Maximizing Your ‘Raving Fan’ Base?

August 14, 2018

If you’re in business, you have them and you covet them.

Your raving fans are the clients who recognize your outstanding product or service and want to shout from the rooftops about how wonderful you are.

They chose your business, took a leap of faith and reaped the rewards of a successful outcome.

These raving fans are your best marketing tool because they have already experienced your services–and loved the results.

They will be more influential than any snappy ad campaign you might be spending a fortune to produce.

Your optimally satisfied customers will submit testimonials, be photographed or quoted in your marketing materials, post about you on social media and even speak with potential customers about how thrilled they are with your business.

That’s right–Raving Fans will tout the quality of your business to future customers–all for free.

On average, you should have about 10 raving fans who you can turn to for support and positive feedback.

Show your appreciation to these VIP customers by sending a gift now and then that is not directly related to your service or product.

(In most cases, we don’t recommend discounting the cost of the service you are providing.)

By partnering with a small business marketing firm like MPW, you are maximizing every aspect of your business attributes to draw in the right customers.

We’d love to tell you more about specific ways we can grow your business–quickly and cost-effectively.

In the meantime, take a few minutes to call your raving fans, just to let them know how much their business and continued support means to you.

Reach out to us at (732) 763-1866 or complete the eCard below and we’ll reach out to you.

A fast, fun and effective franchise website with room to grow


A savvy client who purchased an educational enrichment global franchise wanted to offer an additional level of services to meet the specific needs of her New Jersey client base. She was in need of a simple, direct and cost effective website to present her service categories and share client testimonials. In lieu of spending thousands for a website designer to build a custom site, we created a virtually ‘free website’ using WordPress’s Coraline blog template. We paid $20 bucks to purchase a custom URL from and installed a geo-specific masthead to add a polished welcome to viewers.

The feature pages and supporting drop-downs offer clear and concise information for harried parents in search of information. Images were stock photos combined with actual on-site photos.

The site functions like a content management system and can be changed and updated more easily than editing a Word document. And there is plenty of room to grow. Priority #1 —video. We recommended introducing a friendly welcome message from the franchise director, a few teachers and some happy customer testimonials (parents and children). Adding key social media is also in the works, of course.

Bottom line–this site helps potential customers get to know JEI and why it stands apart from the competition. This is a great start to markeing a franchise with a personalized, local message. On the cheap. Now there’s a good business plan.

The Editorial Advertorial – ‘Dream’ Placement

We researched and composed this advertorial for one of our senior living clients. The feature looks completely editorial but is actually produced by the retirement community. You can only hope that when the publication publishes your article, you receive this kind of placement

Smart CEO

Now this is the way we like to begin our work week: We have a new client who markets b2b services in the security industry. The CEO decided to upgrade and update his marketing message to better suit his growing national enterprise.

Here’s why he’s the CEO:  He’s starting with his website–moving it from an old, fixed flash site to a Drupal-based CMS. So, as his content needs change, his team can update the site independently 12 times a day (or more) , if they’d like. This can be accomplished with the ease of updating a Word document.

We’ll be rewriting his content to better reflect the company–professional, serious-minded, but warm. This growing company, in a growing industry, is proactively improving its messaging to clients. Smart thinking, all the way around.

Welcome aboard!

Spreading the word about minimally invasive surgeries

We research, write and edit countless physician healthcare commentaries every month for doctors to discuss topics related to their medical specialty.  Today, we all marveled at how today’s medicine can fix so many chronic health problems using minimally invasive surgery.

Just a decade ago, these surgical procedures could only be performed using an open (one large incision) procedure. Today’s minimally invasive options offer patients less scarring, less pain and quicker recovery. We’re sold.

One of the benefits of consumer healthcare articles written by doctors is that the reader can become more educated about a healthcare condition and then discuss it with his own physican–or–better yet–the physician who wrote the article.

Here’s a small sampling of recent articles that appeared in internet and print publications:

“Incontinence treatment offers improved quality of life”

“Say goodbye to debilitating knee and hip joint pain”

Women’s health screenings even more important after age 40″

 “Lung cancer is leading cause of cancer deaths”


Fall 2009 Marketing Strategy Rollout

canoeWe’ll be off-site today implementing the start of our  fall 2009 marketing strategy for one of our favorite clients who hosts all kinds of special events at their private resort.

Hopefully, we’ll have a minute or two to canoe across one of their beautiful lakes!

2009 Resolutions

victory-better11. Give clients even more than they expect. Surpass expectations for new clients and continue to provide customers with a WOW factor in 2009.

2.  Deliver top quality work STAT. We vow to keep our client base small enough to deliver fast and furiously. We are there for clients 24/7, when everyone else has gone home for the night, the weekend, the holiday.

3.  Design and implement ingenious ways to do more with less–less time, less people, less money. Execute flawlessly.

4.  Nurture valuable contacts. Note we say ‘valuable’.  We will continue to surround ourselves with passionate, intelligent professionals who we can help and who can help us.

Recently, we were laughing about all the folks suddenly coming out of the woodwork who were always too busy with more important things to offer  insight/counsel/guidance/advise who are now ironically asking for our help.

On the brighter side, our colleague, Ann Higgins, owner of Utopia Communications, offered us her (very valuable) time, experience and expertise when we were getting our operation off the ground.  Ann, may we thank you publicly, and promise to pass it on?

5. Get smart. This year, we vow to expand our education in all things PR–media (yippee), press, writing, selling and reaching the elusive customer.

Call us PollyAnna, but after seven glasses of champagne on NYE, we all voted to ignore this year and forge ahead with good karma and a positive message. Because somebody has to do it.

Health Care Testimonials

hd-coverWe write several of the articles featured in this regional health care system’s quarterly magazine, Healthy Directions. While these feature articles share patients’ personal stories about serious health challenges and how they were overcome, they also help the consumer keep up to pace with new and better health care techniques and procedures designed to quicken recovery or minimize pain. 

How do you tell your customers’ happy ending stories?

Physician & Dental Practices are Businesses, Too

Spent an hour perusing physician and dental practice websites in my town– infertility specialists, plastic surgeons, radiologists–professionals that need to be saving the world but also growing their businesses. These highly competitive specialities are a dime a dozen. I don’t know about you, but I visit the websites of just about every new product and service before I visit/commit/purchase.

I don’t expect these overtaxed physicians to spent time reviewing their websites. In fact, that’s what we do here at MPW. We’ll fill these sites with current and engaging information to captivate patients and prospective patients, who will say, “They’ve got their act together. I’m calling them for an appointment.”  

One of the sites I visited hasn’t been updated since 2003. But they have paid major bucks for print ads galore in all the newspapers–and include their website address on these ads…

Have you checked-out your website lately?