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Blink Goes Live

blink-reaction2Our newest client, Blink, who develops websites, has just taken their new website live at MPW created the copy for this simple, easy-to-navigate site that builds websites for companies of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen their work and we’re impressed. We look forward to many more projects with them in the weeks and months to come!

Medical Practice Marketing – Interior Design

waiting room imageOur healthcare practice marketing and PR efforts continue to grow (merci’). One of the extensions of this effort are requests by physicians and dentists to update or decorate their public spaces and treatment rooms.

We must say we’re particularly impressed that these fine medical professionals understand the importance of providing a great first impression for patients when they walk in the door.

Let’s face it–doctor and dentist visits bring on varying degrees of anxiety for patients from the get-go. But savvy practices will soften the blow by providing patients with a modern, uplifing and comfortable space to wait.

Our latest project involves the removal of a mish-mosh of 30-year-old dark, dated furnishing and white semi-gloss walls.  On a tight budget, we will completely alter the look of the space with paint treatment, new seating, a great rug and accent furniture. We will also pay particular attention to pint-sized patients and offer kid-friendly furnishing for them as well.

Stay tuned for before and after images. Trading Spaces has nothing on MPW…

Social Media Mining

web 2.0Like it, use it, hate it or don’t even understand it, the marketing super-engine called ‘social media’ is not going away. In fact, it is picking up steam faster than any other marketing or public relations arsenal today. Through blogs, message boards, and online communities, consumers are reacting and speaking out about your product or service.

And you must know what in the world your market is saying–true or not, accurate or not, supportive or not.

Once you have up-to-the-minute feedback from the marketplace, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

But you can only do this if you know what’s being said about you. And while you’re at it—what’s being said about your key competitors?

MPW Communications now offers social media mining. On your behalf, we’ll peruse literally thousands of message boards, blogs, forums and websites to uncover real-time insight into the consumer opinions and perceptions of your company.

MPW Media Mining helps:

• Empower your marketing and sales team to fully understand how the market perceives your company and your products
• Discover specifically what consumers are saying about you
• Understand how the market perceives your direct competitors.
• Gain feedback on recent product or service additions or changes
• Gauge potential demand for new product or service offerings.
• Spot industry-specific consumer trends and needs
• Identify your most powerful critics and supporters

Summer Strategy

what I'd like for you to knowSomehow, our economy has managed to hang on and not sink into the depths of despair or a crippling depression (depending upon who you talk to, of course).

At MPW, we’re certainly cognizant of our economic strife but also feel strongly that we have to push all that aside and forge ahead. Why? Because there are still consumers out there with money to spend. And people are always searching for quality healthcare providers–no matter what their bank accounts say.

There are buyers out there looking for your product or service right now.  The question is–can they find you??

If I am looking for just about anything, I’ll ask someone or, more likely, I’ll Google it.  If I Google your company or practice, what will I find? Will I find a clean and informative website, a host of articles that you have distributed about pertinent topics related to your business?  Can I peruse customer or patient testimonials about how great you are and how dumb I would be not to jump on board?

Our mantra is ‘keep it simple’. Simply strategies work wonders.  Let’s get a powerful marketing plan fired up for you. Right now.

Great day,


Eblasts Can Work!

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