Calmare Pain Therapy – Helping to introduce a new solution to chronic pain

It’s not often you have the opportunity to help play a role in a revolutionary new medical treatment that can literally help millions of Americans. Rutherford Allied Medical Group is one of just five certified providers of this pain-free, drug-free treatment for many types of chronic pain including cancer, chemotherapy-related, diabetes pain and particularly RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).

We established and currently manage Rutherford Allied Medical’s–

Beginning in January of this year, our campaign to reach patients who are living every day in pain, beleaguered by failed treatment therapies, reliant on pain medication and justifiably mentally and physically fatigued, a true challenge. But we moved forward supported by the Rutherford Allied Medical’s firsthand evidence that Calmare Therapy can successfully minimize or even alleviate pain in the most treatment-resistant patients.

And, unexpectedly, these patients became raving fans. From around the country, they asked how they could help spread the word to other people in pain. Since that time, we have created info packets and memos and FAQs and anything our “Calmare Patient Ambassadors” might need to tell other patients and medical professionals that a solution was available.

And, today, with exciting new medical studies by the Mayo Clinic and other prestigious medical communities documenting that Calmare is a viable solution to treatment-resistant pain, the word is out.

What best practices can we share about marketing a newer healthcare brand?

  • Be true and honest throughout the process
  • Tell the story of your brand through your patients’ voices
  • Welcome your patients support and bring them into the project
  • Use video as often as possible to let patients easily access other patients
  • Build your patient social network forthrightly and with a health dose of politeness (pretend the target patient is your grandmother). 

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