Welcome JEI Learning Center

There’s no better way to connect with a client than by starting out as a customer. Over the summer, one of my children took an Intensive Writing class at JEI Learning Center before starting middle school. This experience was our first foray into student enrichment programs.

My “reluctant writer” actually looked forward to his weekly hour and a half session with a motivated instructor and a few other children who were forced into the same boat.  He came out of the class less inhibited about writing an essay and encouraged by his instructor’s appreciation for his creative content.

We all want to give our kids every advantage to excel and educational enrichment can be a powerful secondary support tool for learning. It’s also a business model that is recession-proof, to a great degree, because we will spend our last dime to help our children.

We look forward to helping JEI promote their message that study and preparation leads to academic excellence.

First up–disseminating this message on Facebook and Twitter, building a custom website, introducing a blog for the center’s director to share views, news and an opinion or two.  Finally, we’ll garner some media attention by sharing satisfied parent (and older children’s) testimonials combined with pitching some significant success stories to local and regional media.

Welcome JEI Learning Center, it’s an honor to work with you.

Stephanie Duncan


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