When is it time to bring on a PR firm?

Your company or practice may be just getting off the ground, spirally upward (or even downward). When is the optimal time to bring in the PR guns? If any of these four major events is happening, or about to happen, it is time to  begin PR outreach―STAT.

  1. You’ve got news. If you have new products, services or pricing, your marketplace needs to be properly educated about these new opportunities. This multi-pronged message should be communicated in a  clear voice that easily flows above the rest of the market din.
  2. You’ve got trouble. As in bad press, bad reviews, bad news, or an industry in crisis mode. Particularly in this new economic climate, you need professionals who will quickly mobilize and refocus your brand toward brighter skies. You need professional PR talent that knows how make delicious lemonade out of those lemons―right now.
  3. You’ve got competition who is boisterously bombarding your industry about their superiority and possibly even your weaknesses. It’s time to circle the wagons and wage a counter-attack with your own witty  and persuasive brand message.
  4. Your PR lacks consistency. Your internal team disseminated some PR messages but stopped or did not follow-through to solidify any significant impact on your target market.

As you know better than anyone, timing is critical. If you’re faced with any of the above noted situations, please give us a call. We have the solutions.

2 thoughts on “When is it time to bring on a PR firm?

  1. Good comments and practical. I think I need a PR firm for my life…
    Hope your search is going well!


  2. Also, when your company is just getting off the ground, you need prof. help getting the word out. I wasted too much time trying to do this myself (with only mild success) and eventually spent too much $$ by print advertising. Here’s what I think–advertising a small biz is for a short term boost to business but PR is long terms. Slower results, maybe, but a bigger bang for your buck long term. Pat – medical supplies company owner

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