Retro Marketing – An Experiment

We’re looking for a few good doctors. Actually, we’re in search of a few good doctor clients. We have the time and manpower (now) to add to our client list.  Making direct contact with a doctor (unless you are in cardiac arrest or the late stages of labor) may be one of life’s bigger challenges–you politely push your way through several layers of gatekeepers and then learn he’s just left the building (for the next three weeks) .

So, yesterday, I looked at our target list of physicians and surgeons who seem to be building/growing their practices and sent them a letter. A personalized letter. Written on paper.


  • Opened with a personal reference/observation about their ads/website/Twitter posts.
  • Outlined how MPW can help develop their patient base/practice.
  • Closed with a thank you.
  • Wrote a personal note at the end of the letter.
  • Hand-addressed the envelope.

And off went the letters with a good old-fashioned US Postal Service stamp.

Next week, we’ll start calling again and reconnect with our new pals, the doctors’ gatekeepers. Perhaps, just maybe, one or two of the doctors or their assistants opened the turquoise envelope and looked at our letter. Hey, anything can happen. We’ll let you know how we fare.

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