Brands we love – Raymour and Flanigan

Great price, fabulous service, happy customer.

We had just lugged our huge green velvet sofa out the curb for our town’s annual Spring Clean-up (or someone driving by who needed a beat-up couch). We needed a replacement right now. We have kids who will quickly destroy this new sofa (and the one after that, probably) so we were not searching for an investment piece of furniture. The only local resource that came to mind was R & F (TV, print ads, flyers). We vowed not to leave the store without a sofa. No matter what.

Our sales person, Tim, left us alone (after giving each of us cold bottles of “R & F” water). Tim disappeared until we needed him (note to all retail salespeople). We found this sofa (shown) on sale, beautifully merchandised amidst a football field of artfully arranged furniture vignettes. We filled out some forms and cheered when they could deliver two days later.

On a bright Tuesday, two nice men brought the sofa in, unwrapped it and placed it exactly where the old one had been. Lovely and perfect. A few days later, we received a call from R & F making sure everything went ok with the delivery and we were happy with the couch. We were. A week later, they sent a thank you card and a coupon for 10% off our next purchase.  Yes, there will most certainly be– a next purchase.

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