Private Practice Social Media Plan

woman at PCLike it, use it, hate it or don’t even understand it, the marketing super-engine called ‘social media’ is not going away. In fact, it is picking up steam faster than any other marketing or public relations arsenal today.

Why? It’s uber cheap, reaches patients immediately and hits your target audience directly. How? Through online communities like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, forums and message boards, you can talk directly to potential patients by providing them with new and helpful information or education such as:

  • Launching or expanding a service line
  • Offering in-house education seminars or events
  • Educating patients about relevant medical news, new medications or preventative opportunities
  • Announcing a sponsorship or special event
  • Speaking at a public forum about a relevant health topic
  • Adding key medical staff
  • Offering new office technology

Today, our internet marketing (websites, email blasts, social media) now represents about 70% of our marketing outreach. Print advertising and materials make up about 15% of our strategy and the remainder is devoted to special healthcare events, sponsorships and editorial initiatives with the press.

Ultimately, your social media presence will guide your potential patient to your website or directly to your office. It’s a “soft sell” approach that our doctor clients are finding to be especially successful. By the way, have you perused your own site lately? It is updated, warm and inviting, direct and informative? Are there modern images shown that your viewer can relate to? If not, take action now. We can help (click here for details).

Social media ties all your marketing and PR efforts together into a neat and tidy presentation. This is an arena in which your business or practice must be fully engaged. Let’s create a strategy for you–today. You’ll be amazed how quickly your plan can be live on the web.

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