The Physician Commentary = Free Advertising

newspaperWe know what you are going to say. Print is dead. Well, it’s fighting for its life, for sure. But there is free advertising to be had for fine doctors and dentists everywhere. Print pubs all publish a Health and Wellness pull out section, weekly at the dailies and monthly at the weeklies, generally.

After newspapers have laid out their ads, they have content space to fill with articles and images. This is where your Physician Commentary comes in. Newspapers used to subscribe to national news services who would supply “canned” news articles to use as “filler” content (around those ads).  But these subscriptions are expensive.

An editor told me today she would welcome articles written by local doctors/dentists/clinician pros discussing relevant healthcare topics. She said, “I’ll even let them include their address and phone numbers at the bottom of the article.” Cost? $0.  Advertising dollar value to doctors and dentists trying to build their patient bases? (We can’t say priceless, but you get it).

So much of what we create for our clients these days is the simple stuff. These commentaries can enjoy very loooonnngggg shelf lives and be utilized in so many additional ways–website content, office and health fair handouts…

We specialize in Physician Commentaries. MPW will:

  •  research and write your articles (under your byline)
  • find/place targeted media resources (some are web-based, of course)
  • get your name, practice address, website & phone number in print.

For most clients, we produce about 6-12 consumer healthcare articles per year.


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