Medical Practice Marketing – Interior Design

waiting room imageOur healthcare practice marketing and PR efforts continue to grow (merci’). One of the extensions of this effort are requests by physicians and dentists to update or decorate their public spaces and treatment rooms.

We must say we’re particularly impressed that these fine medical professionals understand the importance of providing a great first impression for patients when they walk in the door.

Let’s face it–doctor and dentist visits bring on varying degrees of anxiety for patients from the get-go. But savvy practices will soften the blow by providing patients with a modern, uplifing and comfortable space to wait.

Our latest project involves the removal of a mish-mosh of 30-year-old dark, dated furnishing and white semi-gloss walls.  On a tight budget, we will completely alter the look of the space with paint treatment, new seating, a great rug and accent furniture. We will also pay particular attention to pint-sized patients and offer kid-friendly furnishing for them as well.

Stay tuned for before and after images. Trading Spaces has nothing on MPW…

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