Back to Basics

fork-knife-spoonOne of our favorite clients who operates a lovely lakeside catering facility is facing tough times, like everyone else. We agreed to proceed with a summer marketing campaign anyway.

Our strategy is to put away all the proverbial marketing and PR bells and whistles and celebrate the basics:

*A big, beautiful postcard that can serve multiple purposes

*Bi-monthly, very specifically targeted eblasts

*$0 profit margin ‘open’ marketing events designed to bring clients in to see the site

*Tweaking, tightening and tweaking the website some more

*Designing in-house marketing pieces that can be printed on a super-high quality printer and updated without the design and printing expenses.

*Sending out matte press releases which discuss the secrets of hosting successful events, and mentioning our client by name.

In these times, going back to the basics helps clients refine and update key messages. It also enables them to take out what isn’t working and replace it with something fresh and new.

There’s something very satisfying about clearing away all the peripheral stuff and letting core messages shine through.

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