Sorry for our absence–we’re busy!

During these unpleasant times, personally and professionally, we’ve managed to keep positive and move ahead with our existing clients as well as two new partners. Our newest client wisely advised his team to stop reading, put away the dour business section of the newspaper and ‘get to work’. (We like him already.)

Right now, we are engaged in some heavy-duty media relations for a firm who has chosen to pull back from their electronic and print advertising (they did away with direct mail in February). Instead, they are devoting much less money  by having us present targeted editors with a series of story proposals that offer fresh, creative and insightful snapshots highlighting why their services are timely, inventive and newsworthy.

On our end, we’re not just calling every TV/radio and national editor in the country, groveling for a shot in the dark. We’ve carefully perused our database and come up with key trade and regional media who actually cover the exact topics we are proposing.

After less than 30 hours work, we have placed eight articles, set up 5+ interviews and have received a query call from a national public radio service. And we’re at it again all this week.

Total expenditure for our client after 3 weeks of work?  Less than 20% of their previous advertising budget.

Looking for a big bang without the bucks?  Here you have it.

Although we received an email advising us that ‘the light at the end of the tunnel had been turned off for budgetary reasons’, we’re going to keep our heads up, hands on the keyboard, and phone lines buzzing.

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