MJ’s Jazz Lounge Rocks St. Petersburg!

We’re back from Tampa Bay after the great opening of our client’s new jazz and tapas club. You’ve got to love people who open a $$$ business in a wimpy economy. But their formula is recession-proof:  beautiful club with outdoor seating, fabulous location between millions of office parks and condo complexes. They have no interest in the tourist market–there are more than enough jazz-starved residents to keep the place going for decades.

Live jazz 6 nights a week, one huge bar, incredible light tapas (or really big appetizers) by a NYC-bred chef. Works for us.

We’re pleased (particularly because our client is pleased) that our frequent blog postings are also winning a loyal following. They are working off a basic GoDaddy website template. (Note to world:  We’d like to tell GoDaddy specifically where to go–this is a very not-user friendly CMS). 

Now that we’re back, we’ll be starting our media campaign to guarantee massive amounts of free editorial coverage for this new venue.  They have many intriguing stories to tell and we’ll make absolutely certain that everyone knows about MJ’s, far and wide.

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