Branding a New Jazz Club – St. Petersburg, Florida

For the first time in MPW’s blog history, we’re asking for your feedback. Charged with establishing a branding strategy for a new jazz club that’s outside our geo area, we’d appreciate ideas from Floridians or folks from a tropical climate about what a jazz club means to you. What do you expect to find in a jazz club and what would make this kind of club feel new, fresh and intriguing?

This new venture is going to be fun. Glad you’re along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “Branding a New Jazz Club – St. Petersburg, Florida

  1. I’m not from Florida never have been but thought I’d give my 6 cents… used to be 2 cents but since the cost of gas has gone up its now my 6 cents!

    The first thing that comes to mind for me when I envision Florida and Jazz is a sandy beach bar and Mojitos.

    Green mint leafs music notes… I don’t know if there where a logo perhaps it would be in a crest or coat of arms with the mint leafs on the edges with music notes coming out and various jazz instruments peeking out from the min leafs. Then in the center piece you could put whatever you want… depends on your demographic.

    If its a younger crowd then perhaps a silhouette of a couple dancing. If its a older more refined crowd then perhaps a silhouette of the club, logo initials or whatever.

    Just some ideas off the top O the dome. If you guys need help with the design let me know I’m always available for new exciting projects.


    Casualty of Design

  2. Dear Echo:

    Great, thoughtful ideas–thank you!
    I viewed your impressive website.
    We’ll certainly stay in touch.
    Best regards,

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