Daily Candy NYC

There’s a powerful consumer website that has ruled big cities for a long time, Daily Candy. The site is visually stunning, just catty enough, and nearly impossible to win media coverage. They also offer some targeted publications, including DailyCandyKids. One of our clients has launched a fashion item for babies and toddlers. We want our product covered and we want it now.

We broke the collection on another targeted media site, Urban Baby, last week. They provided a wonderful, free feature (including an eblast to their database!) and a great image of our product.

Now we’re thinking if Daily Candy received the Urban Baby blast about us, they may pass on covering us…

Not to worry, we have other plans to charm you into covering us, Daily Candy. Once you are on our radar, it’s only a matter of time until we win you over.

Stay tuned.


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